Specialty Lattes, Raspberry & Blackberry Italian Sodas, and The Best Autumn Mochas in town.

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Specialty LattesDid someone say Specialty Lattes! It’s almost October and we all know what that means. Hot specialty drinks galore and some of the most delicious warm beverages at The Cosmic Grind of Burlington, Vermont. It also means the official beginning of fall, cold weather outside, and a good reason to try some of our classic drinks on the menu.

1. The Cosmic Delight
This is a drink that we’ve been selling for years and is one of our top-selling specialty beverages in the fall at the Cosmic Grind Coffee House. It’s made Espresso pulled over fresh orange peel with Almond Orgeat syrup (Almond with a hint of orange flower) and Dark Chocolate. The orange peel adds a nice citrus flavor with the chocolate and almond base.

2. The Caramel Cake
This is a drink for all our rich sultry dessert lovers out there. It’s a little bit of the cosmos in a cup! Starting with freshly pulled espresso, decadent Caramel + Tiramisu + Vanilla + White Chocolate and poured with your choice of steamed milk. We can also add some whipped cream and topping to get a real lift-off.

3. The White Mountain
This is a drink that everyone will love, especially with the crisp autumn air coming along. We start with freshly pulled espresso and sweet vanilla syrup, white chocolate, and steamed milk.

4. Raspberry & Blackberry Italian Soda
This classic Italian Soda is perfect for fall if you want something to fizz on. We add our classic bubbly soda and pump Raspberry and Blackberry syrup into it with a good mix. Refreshing for your sunny fall days.

These drinks are some of our favorites and best sellers on the Cosmic Menu but make sure to try any of the other flavors. We have some of the most unique specialty drinks on the block.